Inspection des systèmes

Fire System inspections

The inspection of your fire protection equipment ensures the proper functioning of all components while preventing any possible failures.

Groupe RoyalTech is actively involved in the inspection of your fire protection equipment. Indeed, preserving the lives of your occupants and your installations remain a priority. We perform inspections in all types of buildings, and / or other facilities requiring verification by specialized technicians.

Our inspection plans cover the verification of all types of fire equipment:

  • Wet sprinkler systems - standpipe
  • Dry sprinkler systems, preaction, deluge
  • Backflow preventer (DAR)
  • Clean agent fire extinguishing system (FM-200, Novec, Inergen), hybrid (Vortex), Watermist, or by aspiration (Vesda)
  • Foam system / foam agents system
  • Electric and diesel fire pumps
  • Fire alarm system (alarm panel and components)
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Post indicator valve (PIV)
  • Portable fire extinguisher
  • Fire hose
  • Emergency lighting
  • Kitchen hood fire suppression system
  • CO detector

Please note that the inspection of your fire equipment must be carried out at least once a year. Importantly, it has to be verified by a specialized firm, according to the building chapter of the Safety Code, in accordance with the standards in force. (NFPA-25, CAN/ULC-S536-04, NFPA-2001, etc.)

Following an inspection visit, we issue a report accompanied by a certificate of inspection. Our reports are complete, detailed and include all necessary information, and are rechecked by our technical supervisor. Note that via the Customer zone of ​​our website, your documents will be accessible at all times.

For peace of mind! Preventative maintenance of your fire equipment not only ensures proper operation. That also prevents breakage and provides homeowners and / or managers with a guarantee against financial losses. Which may be significant in the event of a technical failure. Knowing that proper maintenance is essential to the viability of your equipment, help preserve your investment and protect yourself against repair costs.

The inspection will tell you if your system has any significant deficiencies that could prevent proper operation of your system or will signal recommendations for compliance.

  • Several visual checkpoints on the system (reading of gauges, fire department connections, hydraulic plate, etc.)
  • System trip test
  • Testing of control valves, reducing valves, water motor gong, main drain, jockey pump
  • Test of start, arrest, residual pressures, high / low pressures
  • Trip test delay / alarm reception of system
  • Test of alarm devices,, control valves, waterflow, pressure switches on the system and on the floors
  • Fast opening device test (accelerator), priming water level (dry pipe systems)
  • Draining the low points (Dry pipe system)
  • Leak test of the backflow preventer
  • Flow test of the backflow preventer
  • Complete visual inspection of sprinklers

NFPA-25 also requires monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, 3-year, 5-year, etc. audits. Your municipal fire department or insurers may require additional visits. That depends on your type of facility and on the risk assessment that is related to the scope of your building.

It’s the testing of the control panel / annunciator and all the components connected to your fire panel (manual station, smoke detector, heat detector, duct detector, bell / horn, strobe, piezo, relay auxiliary, end of line resistor (RFL), isolator, etc…). It’s also the verification of the batteries by carrying out the load tests.

Because we offer a complete quality service, executed by a team of qualified inspectors and a specialized support team. In addition, we help you with 24/7 emergency assistance.

Because we establish a lasting relationship with each of our customers. Our customers being faithful to us, makes us knowledgeable of their building. Which can reduce interventions by planning and coordinating in regards to your specific needs.

In order to assist you in the planning process, we will identify some interventions that must be carried out beforehand:

  • Provide an on-site manager to test the panel and provide the required access
  • Determine the best time for sound tests (disturbance)
  • Validate the security measures of your institution
  • Provide signage to indicate that an inspection is in progress
  • Set up a timetable and schedule for the execution of services
  • Set-up reminders of contract renewal

Offering you a streamlined customer service experience, we believe that Groupe RoyalTech is the best choice to support your fire equipment for your business.

As each building has its own protective equipment, we must take a survey of your fire equipment in order to submit an inspection plan. This data can be taken from your latest annual equipment inspection reports. This will facilitate the pricing process, whether being for a fixed inspection price offer or a 2, 3 or 5 year term. However, we recommend a visit to get acquainted with your facilities.

To obtain a free inspection quote, please contact us.



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