What is a sprinkler system?

It is an automatic extinguishing system. When triggered due to excessive heat, spinklers usually splash water, to extinguish the inflamed area. To be effective, they must have good automatic extinguishing capability. Let’s Protect and Extinguish!

Groupe RoyalTech realizes all types of turnkey fire protection projects. Whether it is new construction projects, renovation projects, expansion projects or the relocation of sprinkler heads when it comes to a redevelopment.

With an expertise that has propelled us to the rank of leaders in its field, Groupe RoyalTech has decided to do more in the fire safety field. It’s with a team of dynamic experts, composed of experienced people, that we have demonstrated, over the years, an exceptional ability to adapt to the constant reconfiguration of needs, laws and applicable standards.

Projects usually start with design, but what does it mean to design a fire protection system?

This is actually the process of selecting and locating the sprinkler heads, the type of piping and all related accessories. Note that all fire system designs are validated by an engineer.
Groupe RoyalTech only uses reliable and efficient approved products from reliable suppliers. Choosing the right suppliers means more than just a price list, given the impact on the delivery and execution of the mandate.
Being a reliable company, it’s normal that some companies appreciate us as a partner in fire protection for the realization of their project.

The primary goal is to preserve lives and assets during a fire.

Automatic sprinkler systems are designed to eliminate and / or control the source of heat avoiding the propagation of fire. That consists of a distribution of aerial pipes usually filled with water and equipped with sprinklers, these systems automatically activate without human intervention when there is enough heat to detect and activate a single sprinkler head.

A quick release of the sprinklers limits the damage to the building thus less repairs to be made thereafter.
In addition, you can resume your business activities faster. Your downtime will be shorter.

Note that your building insurance premiums decrease when your spaces are protected by sprinklers.

A fire protection engineer must oversee your construction project from the get go. In a new construction in the industrial or commercial sectors, cities require water flow testing to be carried out on the water system. And, as a consequence, ensure that the power supply to the system is sufficient for a proper fire protection of the new construction.

Note that this data will be used later in the design of the automatic sprinkler system. Cities require fire protection plans (sprinklers) to be produced before a building permit is issued.

RoyalTech Group offers a full service fire protection engineering and has the expertise to put your project to completion. Our team will prepare automatic sprinkler plans and we have the skills to install them.

Groupe RoyalTech offers turnkey projects. Let us take care of the design of your system.

Not yet? You heard that the provincial government has committed to increasing financial support for sprinkler installation in seniors’ residences. In summary, for residences of 30 units or less and non-profit residences, the cost of the installation will now be 100% assumed by the province. For those who have more than 30 units, the amount refunded will be between 60 and 80%.

Take steps now to fully benefit from this opportunity. Do not wait to be forced to select a firm that is not renowned.

Our team of engineers and technologists can minimize costs by interpreting the norms in force, while respecting the specifications of your insurers and your municipality.

You have the right to transparency. At Groupe RoyalTech your fire protection invoices will be detailed. This is so you will be able to know all the details of the intervention carried out during a service call, as well as, the details of the parts replaced and / or should eventually be replaced.

No. All work is done during the day with respect to the tenants. Generally speaking, we start with the corridors and common areas, and finally the rooms, one floor at a time. However, we ask for your assistance in preparing your tenants for the workers’ visit.

Did you know that as the owner of a private senior’s residence, you have until December 2, 2020 to install a fire sprinkler system?

There is a financial assistance program organized by the ministry www.msss.gouv.qc.ca/reseau/rpa-gicleurs to help you with this expense. Do not wait until the last minute before taking the proper steps.

A visit to your facilities is enough for Groupe RoyalTech to be able to plan and estimate the fire protection of your building. Call us! For a turnkey project.

Be wise! Make sure your heating system is ubiquitous in all sections of your building. Maintain adequate temperature in the office when the office is closed, like during holidays or weekends.

Sprinkler maintenance must be completed before cold temperature arrives. If some areas of your building are not heated and you have a dry pipe system, make sure the low-point drain valves are inspected.

Groupe RoyalTech offers not only a 24/7 emergency service for your repairs, but also offers an inspection service for your fire sprinkler systems. Prevention is your best tool.

Check out Groupe RoyalTech, you could prevent damages.

Indeed, Groupe RoyalTech serves its customers regardless of the project’s geographical location. We have contracts elsewhere in Canada and we also serve projects internationally.

Being a trusted company, it is only natural that some companies want us as a fire protection system partner. We offer turnkey fire protection projects.

In addition to the installation of automatic sprinkler systems, we offer the following services: Fire safety plan, Special systems, Fire alarm system, Maintenance contracts, Inspection contracts, engineering service / After-sales service, training, and technical assistance. We are at your service. What project are you currently working on?

In addition to the installation of automatic sprinkler systems, we offer the following services: Fire safety plan, Special systems, Fire alarm system, Maintenance contracts, Inspection contracts, engineering service, after-sale service, training, and technical assistance.

We are at your service. What project are you currently working on?



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