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After more than 30 years specializing in fire protection, we still have the same passion to meet our customers' expectations by offering the best of our knowledge.


The sole purpose of our company, is to protect lives and assets.

Our mission is to give control in a simple and effective way, to protect lives and assets, at the best possible cost within the required deadlines.

Our company values are based on being attuned to customer needs, to bring satisfaction at the best possible cost, while accompanying you during the process.

In order to be able to maintain, update and widen our professional skills, we rely on our staff’s continuing education. Let’s be realist, since the environment is constantly evolving, acquired knowledge must be renewed, so that we are able to offer the best possible service.

Besides the installation of systems of automatic sprinkler systems, for which we are well known for, we propose the following services: fire safety plan (FSP), Special Systems, Fire Alarm systems, Maintenance contracts, Inspection contracts, Engineering services / drawing, After-sales service, training, and technical support.

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Groupe RoyalTech regroups a specialized technical team, in which, each makes the difference by bringing its skills and ideas.

Engineering department- Project manager station
Management team
Customer service is critical to the success of our business.

Each contact with our customers represent an opportunity to not only answer needs, but also to inform you on other services that may be of interest.

To do this, we will be opening the communication channels: We will be implementing the CHAT tool in order to facilitate conversation, and obtain an almost instant response or reroute the request to a specialist who’s able to provide the necessary support.

Groupe RoyalTech brings together a specialized technical team, where everyone makes a difference by bringing their skills and ideas. Our professional team have all the skills to serve you:
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