Fire Safety Plan

Did you know that your facility’s fire safety plan ensures both fire prevention as well as the safety of its occupants?

We work alongside your security department to carry out projects according to your requirements.

Our fire safety and emergency measures plans are designed to attain the following objectives:

- Accompany the owner or the administrator of the building, in reducing the time and costs related with the fire safety plan implementation

- To work in partnership with the fire department of your municipality, assuring the plan conformity, in conjunction with the applicable regulations

- Establish a climate of healthy safety equipment management thus, facilitating the risk coverage by reduce them and controlling them in an effective way.

- Bring via our prevention department, an innovative supportin the multidisciplinary management of your building...

- Build a fire safety management file of the building, in order to increase the performance of the systems and the staff.

- Give control to the owner or the administrator, so as to favor a proactive attitude.

Training the staff involved and performing evacuation exercises are an integral part of our fire safety plans.

Technical development and follow-up is performed by estimating what your needs are and meeting with your staff.

A properly implemented fire safety plan ensures that your staff is safe and familiar with emergency measures.

We have the knowledge to successfully implement your fire safety plan quickly and inexpensively.