Accompaniment Service

Here are our accompaniment services to help you establish your program 
  • Audit of the Fire Safety Plan ( FSP);
  • Consulting services in fire safety;
  • Fire safety law and regulations conformity inspection;
  • Fire Risk analysis of equipment and operations.
Development of the fire safety plan (FSP) in compliance with the national Code of fire prevention 
  •  Onsite risk analysis;
  •  Preventive measure of observed risks;
  •  Maintenance and inspection program of extinction equipment;
  •  Role and responsibility definition of all participants;
  •  Guide of procedures to be followed in emergency situation;
  •  Alert procedures and mobilization of staff;
  •  Evacuation procedures;
  •  Fire drills, testing and FSP validation;
  •  Obtaining FSP approval by the municipal fire brigade.
Your FSP will clearly establish the roles and responsibilities of each of the staff members within your intervention brigade. A training, closely related to the FSP, will be dispensed to all the staff members, and pertinent information dispensed to the other occupants in view of an emergency situation.