Maintenance and service plan


Because by choosing a service plan and of maintenance, you will now have peace of mind.

The preventive maintenance assures the smooth running of the installed equipment, and procures to the administrators, the insurance against financial losses, which can turn out important during technical failure. It’s in a way an investment.
Contribute to protect your investment and protect yourself against the increased expenses of repairs. Know that a good maintenance is essential in the long-term health of your equipment. 
24/7, we offer a quality service, executed by our trained technicians' team.
We are convinced that it’s the best possible choice for your company because Groupe RoyalTech will take care of the maintenance of your equipment.
Schedule and coordination according to a pre-established plan, thus a carefree plan.
You are now shielded from unforeseen invoices, because you budget your risk on an annual basis.
Rest assured that your equipment will be well maintained, that reports will be well documented, therefore providing quality service according to the NFPA guidelines.
Contact our inspection department to inquire about which plan will best suit your needs. Every building has its specifications and its own level of risk!
Choose the best option for your company, and obtain peace of mind.
Thank you for choosing Groupe RoyalTech !