Upgrading to Standards

DID YOU KNOW that the complete or partial upgrading of the fire alarm system may be mandatory when performing certain work.

  • When you change a floor area;
  • When you enlarge your installation;
  • Change of use or vocation;
  • When the number of residents increases.

It should be noted that, by bringing the fire alarm system up to standard, the requirements of the Quebec Building Code for fire alarm systems are met.

It must also be stressed that the realization of work to upgrade the fire alarm system must always be coordinated by an engineer.

Sécurité mise aux normes


The upgrade of the fire alarm system involves adapting the existing system to comply with the requirements and the municipal regulations in force. The upgrade does not necessarily aim to bring the fire alarm system into compliance with the current Building Code. For example in a residential building: The main change required during an upgrade is the addition of a buzzer in each of the units. In some cases, as a result of the addition of these new alarms, the replacement of the control panel may be required in order to increase its functional capacity.


The National Fire Code requires that a fire alarm system be audited annually in accordance with CAN / ULC-S536, « Fire Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems ». This verification is intended to ensure that the system and its components are always functional. This also includes validation of the operation of the control panel, manual triggers, fire detectors (smoke and heat) and any other items directly related to the fire alarm system.

In the event that the inspection reveals a defect or a non-conformity, a report is produced and the correction must be made as soon as possible.