Detection systems by aspiration

Detection system by aspiration Vesda brand by xtralis from Honeywell
The first brand in the world of very early warning detectors by aspiration. 
As integrator and installer of the VESDA by XTRALIS from Honeywell detection system, we protect your high value equipment with the best very early warning alert systems.
Integrated into your existing fire protection system, this system becomes the ideal solution reducing risks and potential impact of a sinister. 
Using the latest technologies of smoke detection, this fire inhalation system detects combustible materials from the first stages, well before smoke or flames are visible. In spite of its sensibility, it presents a low rate of false alarms.
Basically, the VESDA system constantly suctions air in the piping network by means of a high efficiency vacuum. The sampled air goes thru a filter in 2 stages. The first stage eliminates dust and dirt in the absorbed air, before it is directed to the laser technology detection chamber. Exiting the filter, when the presence of smoke is identified by the ultrasensitive system, a signal is generated and transmitted to the fire detection central.
Ideal in the following places: 
  • Housing (apartments, Hotels, Store and offices); 
  • Prison and detention centers; 
  • Cold storage  warehouse;
  • Data Center / Telecoms, Server Room;
  • Hospitals and Health establishment; 
  • Marine; 
  • Nuclear Installations; 
  • Oil and gas; 
  • Power plants;
  • Command Stations;
  • Computer rooms;
  • Storage of archives;
  • Transport;
  • Storage warehouse.