Fire alarm system

Our experience. Your made-to-measure solution.

We have been specializing in the design, installation and inspection of fire alarm systems for 30 years now. Our team of seasoned technicians work according to the standards in effect for systems of all types, such as fire alarm system networks, sprinkler systems, backflow preventers, fire hoses and emergency lighting. 


Design, installation and inspection of fire alarms

For the entire duration of your maintenance plan, Groupe RoyalTech will guide you throughout the process required for analyzing your needs and choosing and installing your equipment.


Design, installation and inspection of fire alarms

We offer an in-depth inspection service that meets all your needs:

  • A thorough inspection of your buildings;
  • Complete and easy-to-understand inspection reports, at little cost;
  • We are specially trained to meet NFPA 25 and ULC 524 standards;
  • Development of an optimal fire safety plan;
  • We work closely with your municipality’s fire department to respect the standards in effect.

When you choose to work with Groupe RoyalTech, you choose personalized service and a made-to-measure technological solution. Call on us for all your fire alarm system needs.