Special Fire Extinguishing Systems

Did you know that a special fire protection system constitutes the first line of defence when a fire occurs?

Gicleur Systeme speciaux

When standard fire protection measures are not sufficient, we call on to special hazard systems. Indeed, a special system protects your goods against fire, while eliminating the threat from the first moment of early detection. Particularly used in industrial application, these systems cover a wide range of risks such as, computer server rooms, telecommunication rooms, aircraft hangars, bench tests, painting rooms etc.

These systems are designed to protect your assets while offering, in spite of a fire, a resumption of production activities in a few hours. Discover the main special systems and their application examples :

Victaulic Vortex suppression systems
Hybrid extinction systems (nitrogen and water)

  • Computer serverrooms and telecommunication rooms
  • Bench tests
  • Printing press

Carbon dioxide suppression systems

  • Extruding process
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Electrical equipment

Clean agent suppression systems (Novec, FM-200, Inergen and Argonite)

  • Computer server rooms and telecommunication rooms
  • Document storage
  • Machinery rooms

Dry chemical agent suppression systems

  • Painting rooms
  • Combustible / flammable liquid storage

Foam agent suppression systems

  • Aircraft hangar
  • Refuelling island
  • Combustible / flammable liquid storage

Early detection systems and control

  • MRI rooms
  • Call centers
  • Residual material management


The implementation objectives of local suppression systems :

  1. Allow the owner or the building administrator to reduce the cost related of a local fire.
  2. Establish a healthy safety equipment management climate, and facilitate risk coverage by reducing them and controlling them effectively.


Our manufacturers :
Ansul, Victaulic, Kidde Fire Systems, Chemguard, National Foam, Firetrace