Consultation and turnkey concepts

Only a specialized team of engineers and technicians is qualified to meet your requirements, working with you from the design stage through to the commissioning of your building security systems.
Over the past 30 years, more than 1000 businesses and organizations have trusted Groupe Royaltech’s project engineering support and services for their many different building security needs.
Many other firms have also done business with us for their building fire security estimation and design and built needs. We also offer engineering services/ drawings for your potential projects. In fact, we can supply you with the necessary documents in term of fire protection so that you can submit them with your municipality, including if necessary, the water flow test.

We are equipped to offer you turnkey services because of the many valuable internal necessary resources we have:

  • Estimators;
  • Project Managers;
  • Fire prevention project managers;
  • Building Security Engineers;
  • Certified Fire Protection Technicians;
  • Experienced Installers;
  • Senior Technicians;
  • Network Administrators;
  • REVIT and CAD Designers;
  • Fire protection inspectors;
  • Fire protection technicians;
  • Sprinkler system installers;
  • Fire alarm techniciens;
  • Fire Prevention agent.
Each of Groupe Royaltech’s departments strive to comply with budgets and execute mandates as quickly as possible.